International Association of Geodesy - Travaux

Table of Contents

Foreword O.B. Andersen

Section I: Positioning

Report by the President F.K. Brunner


Comm. X : Global and Regional Geodetic Networks C. Boucher
Special Commisions
SC4: Applications of Geodesy to Engineering H. Kahmen
Working Groups:
WG1: Mobile Multi-Sensor Systems N. El-Sheimy
WG2: Building Structures as Kinematic Systems G. Mentes
WG3: Geodetic Reference Systems for Traffic Guidance and Control W. Möhlenbrink
WG4: Geometrical Investigations of Spatial Geodic Problems T. Wunderlich
WG5: Geotechnical Exploratoin Strategy E. Brückl
Special Study Groups
SSG 1.154: Quality Issues in Real time GPS Positioning C. Rizos
SSG 1.155: Active GPS Networks H. Tsuji
SSG 1.156: Avanced GPS Analysis for Precise Positioning G. Blewitt
SSG 1.157: GPS Ambiguity Resolution and Validation P.J. de Jonge
SSG 1.158: GPS Antenna and Site Effects J. Johansson
SSG 1.159: Ground-Based GPS Meteorology M. Bevis

Section II: Advanced Space Technology

Report by the President R.Rummel
Secretaries P. Willis

Comm VIII: Int Coord. of Space Techniques for Geodesy and Geodynamics (CSTG) G. Beutler
Special Commissions
SC6: "Wegener Project" S. Zerbini
SC7: Gravity Field Determination by Satellite Gravity Gradiometry K.-H. Ilk
Special Study Groups
SSG 2.160: SAR Interferometry Technology R. Klees
SSG 2.161: Probing the Atmosphere by GPS C. Rocken

SSG 2.162: Precise Orbits using Multiple Space Techniques R. Scharroo
International GPS Service for Geodynamics -IGS- R. Neilan
Section III: Determination of the Gravity Field

Report by the President R. Forsberg

Comm III: International Gravity Commission I. Marson
Comm XII: International Geoid Commission H. Suenkel
International Gravimetric Bureau -BGI- G. Balmino
International Geoid Service (IGeS) F. Sanso
Special Study Groups
SSG 3.163: Assessment and Refinement of Global Digital Terrain Models D. Arabelos
SSG 3.164: Airborne Gravimetry Instrumentation and Methods M. Wei
SSG 3.165: Global Gravity Field Determination and Evaluation N. Pavlis

SSG 3.166: Local Gravity Field Modelling and Interpretation T. Basic
SSG 3.167: Regional Land and Marine Geoid Modelling I.Tziavos
SSG 3.177: Synthetic modelling of the Earth's gravity field. W.Featherstone
SSG 3.178: Artic Gravity Project Rene Forsberg
Section IV: General Theory and Methodology

Report by the president P. Holota

Special Commisions
SC1: Mathematical and Physical Foundations of Geodesy E.W. Grafarend
Special Study groups
SSG 4.168: Inversion of Satellite Altimetry P. Knudsen
SSG 4.169: Wavelets in Geodesy B. Benciolini
SSG 4.170: Integrated Inverse Gravity Modelling L. Ballani
SSG 4.171: Dynamic Isostasy L.E. Sjoeberg
SSG 4.176: Models of Temporal variations of the gravity field D.Wolf

Section V: Geodynamics

Report by the president M.Feissel

Comm V: Earth tides H.-G. Wenzel
Comm VII: Recent Crustal Movements T. Tanaka
Special Commissions
SC3: Fundamental Constants E. Groten
SC3 Ad hoc Working party on Refractive Inidices of Light... J.M. Rueger
SC8: Sea Level and Ice Sheet Variations G. Blewitt
Special Study Groups
SSG 5.172: Understanding Natural Hazards-The Geodetic Contribution S. Okubo
SSG 5.173: Interaction of the Atmosphere and Oceans with the Earths Rotational Dynamics
C. Wilson
SSG 5.174: Geophysical Interpretation of Temporal Variations of the Geopotential A. Cazenave
SSG 5.175: Interannual Variations of the Vertical and Their Interpretation Z.X. Li
International Center of Earth Tides -ICET- B. Ducarme
International Earth Rotation Service -IERS- M. Feissel

Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level -PSMSL- P.L.Woodworth
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures -BIPM- Time Section G. Petit
IAU/IUGG WG on Non Rigid Earth Rotation T. Herring

Out of Section

Committees reporting to the Bureau

Cassinis CommiteeW. Torge
Committee for Geodetic Aspects of the Law of the Sea -GALOS- P. Vanicek
COSPAR/IAU/IAG WG on cartographic coordinates, and for elements of the planets and Sattellites. M Bursa
SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research D. Manning
IAU WG on Astronomical Standards (WGAS) E. Groten
ISO TC 211J. Ihde
IUSM - International Union for Surveys and Mapping I. Mueller
IUGG Inter Association Committee for mathematical Geophysics. M.Vermeer
PAIGH - Panamerican Institute of Geography and History W. Torge
IAG SchoolsF. Sanso
IAG Internet Home Page O.B. Andersen

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