Report of IAG Special Study Group 4.169
for the period 1995-1999
G. Battista Benciolini
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale
Via Mesiano, 77
I-38050 Trento



Some general remarks

Two ideas arise quite naturally at the end of this 4 years period: a lot of work has been done in field of interest of the SSG, but the way to a full exploitation of the application of wavelets and multiresolution analysis in geodesy is still quite long. It is also clear that the quite broad list of items in the program was very ambitious.

Report about activities and results.

Several of the members has developed an important activity in the field of the SSG or in fields that are strictly related. Some of the results are quite essentially reported here after.

Spherical wavelets. This field has been mainly treated by the Geomathematics Group of Kaiserlautern. Several papers have been published. It seams that, after several mathematical developments, we are approaching the possibility of practical applications.

Image analysis. This has been specially treated by Y. Pan and B. Schaffrin using a bayesian approach.

Wavelets and collocation. This is a field not originally mentioned in the terms of reference of the SSG. Some authors (Kostakis, Keller) treated the problem under different points of view. In fact the well known procedure of multi-step collocation is in some way a kind of multiresolution analysis.

Other treated fields include DTM analysis and transformation, the analysis of time series of INS measurements and the quite original development of Slepian functions for the sphere.


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