by B.G.Harsson, Norway

GALOS (Geodetic Aspect of the Law of the Sea) is a committee organized under IAG. As expressed in the name, the committee is working on geodetic subjects related to the United Nations Law of the Sea.

GALOS was formal established as a Special Study Group in IAG, Edinburgh 1989, with Petr Vanicek, Canada, as chairman.

1995 - The 4th technical meeting with IUGG General Assembly in Boulder, Colorado, USA; GALOS becomes a Committee of IAG, with the mandate of looking into Geodetic Aspects of the Law Of the Sea (GALOS). These aspects consist of positioning, datum considerations, uncertainties and time variations in position, i.e., they are encountered in maritime boundary delimitations and enforcement. Close cooperation with the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) has been sought right from the beginning and put in place already in 1990.

1996 - Bali II. 2nd International Conference, Putri Bali Hotel. Nearly 100 participants from 20 countries. Lawyers, geodesists, hydrographers and oceanographers presented 34 papers.

1997 - The 5th technical meeting with IAG Scientific Assembly in Rio. Bjørn Geirr Harsson, Norway, succeeded to the chairmanship after Petr Vanicek.

1998 - The 6th technical meeting in Fredericton, Canada.

1999 ­ GALOS is given responsibility for one session under the ABLOS conference in Monaco 9 ­ 10 September 1999. Papers to be presented at GALOS session in the conference is already filled up.