International Association of Geodesy





Foreword O.B. Andersen


Report by the President Alan Dodson
Commissions of Section I:
Comm. X : Global and Regional Geodetic Networks C. Boucher
Special Commisions of Section I:
SC4: Applications of Geodesy to Engineering H. Kahmen
Special Study Groups of Section I:
SSG 1.179: Wide Area Modelling for Precise Satellite Positioning S. Han
SSG 1.180: GPS as an atmospheric remote sensing tool H van der Marel
SSG 1.181: Regional Permanent Arrays R. Weber
SSG 1.182: Multipath Mitigation M. P. Stewart


Report by the President C. K. Shum
Commissions of Section II:
Comm VIII: Int Coordination of Space Techniques for Geodesy and Geodynamics (CSTG) H. Drewes
Special Commissions of Section II:
SC7:  Satellite Gravity Field Missions Karl-Heinz Ilk
Special Study Groups of Section II:
SSG 2.162: Precise Orbits Using Multiple Space Techniques R. Scharroo
SSG 2.183: Spaceborne Interferometry Techniques Ramon Hanssen
SSG 2.192: Spaceborne GNS Atmosphere Sounding Rob Kursinski
SSG 2.193: Gravity field missions: calibration and validation Pieter Visser
SSG 2.194: GPS Water Level Measurements Gerry Mader
International Services of Section II:
IGS : International GPS Service C. Reigber
ILRS: The International Laser Ranging Service John Degnan
IVS: International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry W. Schlüter


Report by the President Michael G. Sideris
Commissions of Section III:
Comm XIII: International Gravity and Geoid Commission Martin Vermeer
Special Study Groups of Section 3:
SSG 3.167: Regional Land and Marine Geoid Modelling I.N. Tziavos
SSG 3.177: Synthetic Modelling of the Earth’s Gravity Field Will Featherstone
SSG 3.184: Use of Remote Sensing Techniques for Validating Heights and Depths Philippa Berry
SSG 3.185: Merging data from dedicated satellite missions with other gravimetric data    Nico Sneeuw
SSG 3.186: Altimetry data processing for gravity, geoid and sea surface topography determination C. Hwang
International Services of Section III:
BGI - International Gravimetric Bureau J-P. Barriot
IGeS - International Geoid Service F. Sansō


Report by the president  Bernhard Heck
Special Commissions of Section IV:
SC1: Mathematical and Physical Foundations of Geodesy P. Holota
Special Study Groups of Section IV:
SSG 4.187: Wavelets in Geodesy and Geodynamics W. Keller
SSG 4.188: Mass Density from Joint Inverse Gravity Modelling G. Strykowski
SSG 4.189: Dynamic theories of deformation and gravity fields    D. Wolf
SSG 4.190: Non-probabilistic assessment in geodetic data analysis H. Kutterer
SSG 4.191: Theory of Fundamental Height Systems C.Jekeli


Report by the president Clark Wilson
Commissions of Section V:
Comm V: Earth tides Shuzo Takemoto
Comm XIV: Crustal Deformation S. Zerbini
Special Commissions of Section V:
SC3: Fundamental Parameters E. Groten
SC8: Sea Level and Ice Sheets Michael Bevis
Joint Working Groups of Section V:
IAG/IAPSO: Joint Working Group Geodetic Effects of Non-Tidal Oceanic Processes R. S. Gross
International Services of Section V:
IERS: International Earth Rotation Service Jan Vondrak
PSMSL: Permanent Service For Mean Sea Level P. L. Woodworth
BIPM: Bureau International des Poids et Mesures - Time Section E.F. Arias
International Center for Earth Tides B.Ducarme


GALOS: Geodetic Aspect of the law of the sea Bjorn G. Harsson
IAG WG: Working Group on Eduction C. C. Tscherning
IAG-CDC: Committee for Developing Countries (CDC) D. Blitzkow
IAU/IAG: Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements of the Planets and Satellites P.K. Seidelmann


Minutes of the IAG - Executive Committee meeting at the XXII IAG/IUGG General Assembly, Birmingham, July, 1999
Minutes of the EC meeting in Nice, 28-29th April, 2000, held in connection with the EGS XXV general assembly.
Minutes of the EC meeting in Nice, 30-31th March, 2001
Report on the South America Geoid 2000
Report of the 14th Int. Symposium on Earth Tides (ETS2000)
IAG/IAPSO Joint Working Group on Geodetic Effects of Nontidal Oceanic Processes
First International Symposium on Robust Statistics and Fuzzy Techniques in Geodesy and GIS, Zurich, Switzerland, March 12-16, 2001
The 11th Symposium of the EUREF Subcommission
Second International Symposium: Geodynamics of the Alps-Adria Area by means of Terrestrial and Satellite Methods
Report on the International Conference on Technical Aspects of Maritime Boundary Delineation and Delimitation, Including Unclos Article 76 Issues (ABLOS), Monace, 9-10 September, 1999
Meeting Report of the IAG/IAPSO Joint Working Group on Geodetic Effects of Nontidal Oceanic Processes held in conjugation with the EGS XXV General Assembly, Nice, France, April, 2000
Working Meeting of the IAG SSG 4.190 on non-probabilistic assessment in geodetic data analysis
Minutes of the Organizational Meeting for African Reference System "AFREF"
Report on the 2nd International Workshop on Airborne Gravimetry and Polar Gravity
ARCGP – Arctic Gravity Project