The South America Geoid 2000 workshop held at Escola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo, from May 17 to19, 2000, was organized by IGeS (International Geoid Service), SCGGSA (Sub-Commission for Gravity and Geoid in South America), CDC (Committee for Developing Countries) and it was also supported by IAPSO (International Association of the Physical Science of the Ocean). The workshop had the following objectives:

·         To assemble as many countries as possible from South America to compute a geoid model.

·         To encourage cooperation between oceanographers and geodesists for the computation od geoid in coastal areas.

·         To encourage every country to cooperate with SCGGSA for data delivery.

·         To encourage every country to compute a local geoid model with the data available.

·         To discuss different efforts for data acquisition in the continent.

The countries that participated to the activities were the following:

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.


The program of the workshop (attached) addressed special attention to the geoid, but, airborne gravity and the next special satellites: Champs, GRACE and GOCE received attention too in a lecture.

A decisive contribution to the success of the workshop came from the participation of Riccardo Barzaghi (Italy), René Forsberg (Denmark) and Ole Andersen (Denmark).

One day and half was dedicated to geoid computations. Every country had a computer available with softwares to accomplish the different tasks: Stokes numerical integration, fast Fourier techniques and fast collocation.

A few meetings were also organized to discuss the following topics: SIRGAS, CDC, the new structure of IAG and airborne gravity.

D. Blitzkow.


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