- scanning of entire BGI database of gravity reference stations (about 5000 stations). The corresponding database will be on line in March 2001 (the BGI is completing tests).

- updating of the literature database. About 2000 recent publications (period of the 90's) have been re-entered into the database. For each publication, it has been addressed up to 5 key words chosen from an updated list. The literature database will be on line in June 2001 and the list of keywords will be published in the BGI Bulletin.

- rebuilding of the database of addresses (more than 2000 addresses or list of contacts are currently under review).

- complete rewriting of the query procedures on the BGI gravity database under Oracle Developer/forms, the TSO procedures being no longer supported.

- BGI involvement to the new gravimetric networks of North Africa, with O.S.S. (Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel), O.A.C.T. (Organisation Africaine de Cartographie et de télédetection, O.T.C. (Office de Topographie et de Cartographie Tunisien).

- BGI participation to IGeS Geoid School in Johor (Malaysia). Presentation of validation techniques.

- new software for the detection of systematic errors on gravity data sets (shifts on coordinates). A poster has been presented during the Banff

Conference in July-August 2000 (BGI Bulletin n°87).

- Rewriting in Java (platform-independent language) of the validation software DIVA. Beta-tests are currently performed, and the software will be avalaible for downloading on the BGI server.  



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