The goal of the Commission is to focus on the variety of existing control networks (horizontal or vertical, national or continental, global from space techniques) as well as their connections and evolutions.


The Commission has two types of subdivisions: Sub-Commissions and Working Groups:

1)       Sub-Commissions for large geographic areas: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, South East Asia and Pacific. Such Sub-Commissions will deal with all types of networks (horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional), and all related projects which belong to that geographical area.

2)       Working Groups for specific technical topics which would be relevant to the Commission's activities. Such Working Groups are not substitutes for a SSG of the IAG, but rather look at technical and practical problems, in particular by establishing specifications for the countries, and also possibly sponsoring training seminars.


In addition, Commission X has a Steering Committee (SC) consisting of:

         President of the Commission

         Presidents of the Sub-commissions

         Chairs of the Working Groups


Each country member of the IAG is permitted to appoint one representative to Commission X. If the country belongs to an area where a Sub-Commission has been already established, the representative will be a de facto member of that Sub-Commission. Each country not yet a full member of the IAG is welcomed to appoint an observer to the Commission. Members of Working Groups will be selected by the Chairs, and approved by the SC after consultation with relevant people and representatives of countries. The web site for the Commission is at:


Objectives of the Commission 

1.        To expand the present GRGN web site in order to give a proper source of information of relevant activities, including Sub-Commissions and Working Groups, but also related activities at national or international level, such as survey agencies, international programs or projects, services such as IGS, IERS or others. This site should also provide informations on standards and terminology, catalogue of datums and cartographic coordinate systems.

2.        To expand the list of national representatives and involve them more in the Commission activities (for instance updates of the web system).

3.        To stimulate the formation of new Sub-Commissions.

4.        To update the list and charters of the Working Groups.

5.        To stimulate the development of a modern geodetic framework for Africa (AFREF).

6.        To stimulate the organisation of a training school related to the GRGN field (modern networks, ITRF, GPS, etc.).

7.        To promote ITRF as the international framework, and to realise its densification for all type of uses, help to remove misunderstandings with respect to WGS84, and promote ITRF for the new global navigation satellite systems such as the European Galileo program.


Organisation of Sub-Commissions and Working Groups 

Sub-Commission for Europe (EUREF)
President: Jose Agria Torres (PORTUGAL)

Sub-Commission for North America
President: Dennis Milbert (USA)

Sub-Commission for South America
President: Luiz Paolo Souto Fortes (BRAZIL)

Sub-Commission for Antarctica
President (co-chairs): John Manning (AUSTRALIA), Reinhard Dietrich (GERMANY)

Sub-Commission for South East Asia and Pacific
President(co-chairs): John Manning (AUSTRALIA), Jun Yong Chen (CHINA)

Working Group on Datums and Coordinate Systems (WG1)
Chairman: Bjorn Geir Harrson (NORWAY)

Working Group on the Worldwide Unification of Vertical Datums (WG3)
Chairman:William Kearsley (AUSTRALIA)

National Representatives

Australia: John Manning
Austria: E Erker
Belgium: Carine Bruyninx

Brazil: Sonia Maria Alves Costa
Canada: Michael Craeymer
China: Yan Ping Zhang
Croatia: Damir Medak
Czech Republic: Jan Kostelecky
Egypt: A Tealeb
Estonia: Artu Ellmann
Finland: Matti Ollikainen

France: Michel Kasser
Germany: Ewald Reinhart
Hungary: Jozsef Adam
Israel: Yossi Melzer
Italy: Maurizio Barbarella
Japan: Hiromichi Tsuji
Luxembourg: Andre Majerus

Malaysia: Samad Bin Haji Abu
New Zealand: Graeme Blick
Norway: Oddgeir Kristiansen
Poland: L W Baran
Portugal: Luisa Bastos
Russia: G Demyanov
South Africa: Richard T Wonnacott

Switzerland: D Schneider
United Kingdom: Peter Dare
USA: Dennis Milbert

Yugoslavia: Dragan Blagojevic



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