The 11th symposium of the EUREF Subcommission was held in Dubrovnik from 16. - 19.5.2001. Proceedings will be published in AMitteilungen des Bundesamtes für Kartographie und Geodäsie@.

  On this symposium the following resolutions were adopted:

  Resolution No. 1

The IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)

recognising that

-in May/June 1994 the EUREF-SLOCRO-94 campaign in Slovenia and Croatia was observed,

-in September/October 1995 the Slovenia-95 and CROREF-95 campaigns in Slovenia and Croatia were observed,

-in August/September 1996 the CROREF-96 campaign in Croatia was observed,

and all the results were submitted to the EUREF Tech­nical Working Group as a combined EUREF-CRO-94/95/96   solution, where it was accepted as class B standard (about 1 cm at the epoch of observations)  

endorses the subsets of points for Croatia submitted to the EUREF Technical Working Group as improvements and extensions of EUREF89, 

but considering that two points in Croatia observed during the EUREF-CROSLO-94 campaign were destroyed,

  recommends that all old Croatian points should be deleted from the EUREF database and replaced by the subset of points selected from the EUREF-CRO-94/95/96 solution.


Resolution No. 2

The IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)


                      -the availability of the ITRF2000 as an improved and accurate realisation of the ITRS,

-the improved determination of the rotation of the Eurasian plate using ITRF2000 site velocities,

recommends to replace the NNR-NUVEL-1A rotation rate values by the ones derived from ITRF2000 in the            transformation formula linking ETRS89 to ITRS.


Resolution No. 3

The IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)

  recognising the significant practical and scientific value of the EVRS

  noting the usefulness of improving its realisation EVRF2000

  asks national levelling data providers to UELN/EUVN to inform the Technical Working Group on the tidal system and other corrections used,

  recommends that in the future levelling data be submitted in the zero tidal system according to the EVRS definition and corresponding IAG resolution 16, 1983.


Resolution No. 4

The IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF)


-the European Vertical GPS Reference Network (EUVN) with its GPS-derived ellipsoidal heights and levelled connections to UELN,

-the definition of the European Vertical Reference System EVRS with its first realisation UELN 95/98, called EVRF2000,


-this implicit pointwise realisation of a European geoid consistent with both ETRS89 and EVRS,

-the existence of a large number of regional and local geoids in Europe,

-the urgent need by the navigation community for a height reference surface,

  asks its Technical Working Group and the European Sub­commission of the IAG IGGC (International Gravity and Geoid Commission) to take all necessary steps to generate a European geoid model of decimetre accuracy consistent with ETRS89 and EVRS.


Resolution No. 5

The IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF), which held its eleventh EUREF symposium in Dubrovnik from May 16-18, 2001, expresses its heartfelt thanks to the Local Organising Committee, its chairman Zeljko Bacic and the State Geodetic Administration, as well as the Cadastre Office in Dubrovnik and the International Centre of Croatian Universities, for organising the symposium and for the excellent arrangements resulting in a very successful meeting.

Joao Agria Torres, Lisbon:

Helmut Hornik, Munich:



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