IAG Publications, Reports, Position Papers

The IAG publications include the Journal of Geodesy, the IAG Symposia series, the Geodesist's Handbook, the IAG Reports (Travaux de l'AIG), the IAG Newsletter, and specific IAG Papers (see links below).

The Geodesist's Handbook is a special issue of the Journal of Geodesy published in four year intervals after each IUGG/IAG General Assembly. It includes administrative matters of the IAG (Statutes & Bylaws, Rules, etc.), a compendium of the recent IUGG/IAG General Assembly, the detailed structures and descriptions of the IAG components for the upcoming period, and general information (publications, delegates, etc.).

The IAG Reports (Travaux de l'Association Internationale de Géodésie) comprise the reports of all IAG components and sub-components presented at the IAG General and Scientific Assemblies. They were published from 1923 to 1995 as printed volumes and since 1999 in digital form (CD and/or online, see below).

The IAG Annual and Quadrennial Reports are prepared by the IAG Office to inform the IUGG on the activities of the IAG Components and Administration.

IAG Newsletter (Link)

IAG Position Papers