IAG Scientific Services

IAG Services generate products, using their own observations and/or observations of other services, relevant for geodesy and for other sciences and applications. Accuracy and robustness of products, quality control, timeliness, and state of the art quality are the essential aspects of the Services. (IAG Bylaw 13a)

Each Service shall define its terms of reference as appropriate to accomplish its mission and shall submit the Terms of Reference to the IAG Executive Committee for approval. (IAG Bylaw 13b)

Each Service shall have an IAG representative, appointed by the IAG Executive Committee, as a voting member of its directing/governing board. (IAG Bylaw 13c)

Services are linked to at least one of the Commissions and may be also linked to other scientific organizations, such as the International Astronomical Union (IAU). (IAG Bylaw 13d)

Services shall collaborate on a scientific basis with the Commissions, establish Joint Commission Projects, and Joint Study Groups and help compile the Commissions’ list of themes for Study Groups. (IAG Bylaw 13e)

Three representatives shall be elected in accordance with Bylaw 29 to the IAG Executive Committee to serve the interests of all Services. (IAG Bylaw 13f)

On any matter relating to the products of a Service, the Service shall represent the IAG. (IAG Bylaw 13g)

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