Report on the formation of the Outreach Branch

Nice, April 26, 2002

Call distributed by e-mail to IAG officers, Services and National Representatives on Jan. 2, 2002:

Call for Participation in IAG Outreach Branch.

The IAG has recently modernized its structure; changes include (among others) the introduction of individual members in addition to the traditional National Members. The new structure is described in the new statutes and by-laws, which are found at the IAG home-page,

In order to promote communication and interaction among all of its members and to facilitate the work of IAG in general a so-called "Outreach branch" has to be established.

The Outreach branch will have responsabilities which include:

The branch should be able to operate with a minor financial contribution from IAG. (To be negotiated).

IAG is interested in offers, which could assure the operation of the Branch for a longer period (8 years). The president of the branch will become member of the IAG Executive Committee (due to confirmation of the IAG Council) and will work in concert with the Secretary General of IAG and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Geodesy.

For more information contact the IAG Central Bureau, e-mail iag at We request contingent responses to this call to be received at the Central Bureau before April, 1, 2002.

Followed up with contact to selected National Representatives and Services.

The Netherlands (considering), IGS (Positively considering)

Unfortunately only few responses:

HartRAO Space Geodesy Programme, South Africa, Ludwig Combrinck.

(Good proposal, will especially develop Africa for IAG.)

La Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela,

E.Wilderman. (Not many details)


Search must continue. Not sufficient offers.