Commission 4


"Positioning & Application"

Suggestion from December 2001

Sub-entities: -

Multi-sensor systems

Dynamic monitoring of buildings & system analysis

Monitoring of local geodynamic processes & system analysis

+ Possibly: -

Kinematic positioning

GPS Meteorology


Refraction studies in the microwave

Current proposal


    1. Multi-Sensor, Kinematic & Integrated system
    2. Monitoring & Analysis of Structural & Local Geodynamic Deformation
    3. GNSS measurement of the atmosphere
    1. With links to FIG (Commission 5) and ION, and possibly ISPRS
    2. With links to FIG (Commission 6)
    3. With links to IGS
    4. + Possibly

    5. Application of Satellite & Airborne Imaging Systems (e.g. InSAR, LIDAR) with link to ISPRS


Commission Projects

    1. GPS Meteorology, Climate & Space Weather
    2. Real-time Monitoring Systems

Remaining Issue: -

Where do we put "Terrestrial Systems"?

Where are "Height Systems"?

Service Links


FIG Structure (for information)

9 Commissions

Commission 5 - Positioning & Measurement

Commission 6 - Engineering Surveys

(+Task Force on ‘standards’)

Commission 5 (J-M Becker)

? WG1 Standards-Quality-Calibration

? WG2 Height Determination

SC 4.1 WG3 Kinematic +Integrated + Positioning Systems

WG4 Integration for Digital Mapping

Comm1 WG5 Reference Frames in Practice

Commission 6 (M. Mayoud)

SC 4.2 WG1 Information Measurement + Analysis

WG2 Industrial + Eng Applications (Kahman)

WG3 High precision Metrology

WG4 Transportation & Utility

WG5 Facility Management