IAG Annual Report 2000.

(1) Central Bureau activities.

The Bureau publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, which is printed in the Journal of Geodesy. This is with the Journal distributed to all national representatives and the members of the IAG Executive Committee. The newsletter includes a listing of all geodetic publications (provided by the IAG Bibliographic Service). It also includes updates to the Geodesists Handbook and meeting reports.

The central bureau maintains the IAG home-page, and updates a database of addresses.

(2) The Executive Committee (EC).

The EC had one meeting April 28-29 april in Nice, France. The main items were the preparation of the IAG Scientific Assembly 2001 and the re-structuring of IAG.

The restructering aims at making IAG more effective as an organisation. The present 3-level organisational structure (EC, sections, commissions/ special commissions/special study groups/services) will be reduced to 2 levels (EC and Commissions with working groups and services). New statutes and by-laws are being prepared in order to be adopted at a council meeting to be held during the IAG Scientific Assembly in Budapest, September, 2001.

(3) Symposia and meetings.

International Workshop on Perspectives of Geodesy in South-East Europe Dubrovnic, Croatia, May 2-6.

South American Geoid 2000 workshop, Sao Paulo, May 17 - 19.

EUREF Symposium, Tromsoe, Norway, June 22 - 24.

Int. Symp. on Gravity, Geoid and Geodynamics 2000, Banff, Canada, 31 Jul - 4 Aug

14th International Symposium on Earth Tides Mizusawa,Japan, 28 Aug - 1. Sep

10th General Assembly of the Wegener Project San Fernando, Spain, 18 - 22 Sep.

Dynamic evolution of Active Faulting in the Mediterranean Region, Algiers, 9-11 Oct

(4) Educational Activities:

XIII International Course on Engineering Surveying, Munchen, Germany, 13 - 17 March.

The 4.rd Geoid School was held in Malaysia, 21-25 Feb.

(5) Services:

An investigation has started whether the gravity field related services (Bureau Gravimetrique, International Geoid Service, International Center for Earth Tides) could be merged into one service.

(6) Coordination with organisations within surveying, cartography and remote sensing.

IAG was represented at a meeting of the so-called "sister societies" (FIG, ISPRS, ICA, IHO etc.) in July in Amsterdam.

(7) Developing Countries.

The possibilities for establishing a geodetic reference system for Africa is being investigated on the initiative of IAG Commission X. A preparatory meeting was held in Nice, April 27.

The 4.rd Geoid School was intentionally places in Malaysia in order to attract scientists from developing countries.

IAG has, using the so-called IAG Fund, sponsored the participation of a number of scientists from developing countries in IAG sponosred meetings.

Prepared by: C.C.Tscherning
Secretary General
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