IAG Fund

The IAG Fund aims at supporting specific IAG activities. Its primary goals
- to provide travel support for young scientists to attend IAG Symposia and workshops,
- to assist in the organisation of IAG workshops in developing countries, and
- to provid an annual IAG Best Publication Award for young scientists.
The fund was established by the IAG Executive Committee at its meeting in Columbus, Ohio, 1992, see Bulletin Geodesique, Vol. 68, pp. 41-42, 1994.

Contributions were requested from all IAG Fellows with much success, so that already by January 1996 more then $ US 18500 had been received and $ US 2800 have been spend (two best paper Awards and one International Travel Award).
Contributors are divided in 3 groups:
- Presidents Club (cummulative contributions of $ 1000 or more)
- Special contributors (annual contributors of $ 100 or more)
- Contributors (annual contributions of less than $ 100)
At its meeting in Copenhagen, 1995, Mr. R. Forsberg, president Section III, was appointed to lead the fund-raising activities.
The rules for the IAG Young Authors award and for the IAG Travel award for yound scientists are given below.

I wish to contribute to the IAG fund.

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Rules for the IAG Best Publication Award


To draw attention to important contributions by young scientists in the Journal of Geodesy (previously Bulletin Géodésique and Manuscripta Geodetica) and to foster excellence in scientific writing.


The applicant must be 35 years of age or younger when submitting the paper for the competition. The paper must present his or her own research, and must have been published in the Journal of Geodesy (previously Bulletin Géodésique and Manuscripta Geodetica) during the previous calendar year. Although multiple authors papers will be considered, single author paper will be given more weight in the selection process.


The award will consist of a certificate and a cheque of US $ 1000. It will be given annually.

Selection procedure and criteria:

The selection will be made by the voting members of the Executive Committee. It will be based on the importance of the scientific contribution, which may be either theoretical or practical, and on the quality of the presentation. The name of the award winner will be published in the issue of the Journal of Geodesy (previsously Bulletin Géodésique) following the decision.

Rules for the IAG Travel Award


To assist young scientists from member countries to present results of their research at IAG meetings (general meetings, workshops, etc...)


The applicant must present results of his or her research at the meeting and must be 35 years of age or less at the date of the application. The application must be supported by at least one IAG Fellow or two Associates.

Type of awards:

There are two awards, one for meetings in the applicant's own country, the other for meetings outside the applicant's country. The first group is called IAG National Travel Award and has a maximum financial value of US $ 400. It is available for meetings in developping countries. The second award is called the IAG International Travel Award and has a maximum financial value of US $ 800. The amounts can occasionally be adjusted by the IAG Executive Committee. Normally, the total number of awards are limited to 10 in any given year.

Application procedure:

Applicants are asked to send their application at least three months before the meeting to the IAG Central Bureau, General Secretary, University of Copenhaguen, Department of Geophysics, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhaguen 0, Denmark. As a minimum, the application should contain: title, authors, and abstract of the paper to be presented, acceptance by the organizing committee (if available), travel budget and sources of additionnal funding. The letter(s) of support (one IAG Fellow or two Associates) should be sent separately and should be in a sealed envelope.

Selection procedure and criteria:

Selection of applicants will be done by the IAG Bureau. It will be based on the letter(s) of support and the applicant's ability to actually attend the meeting. Priority will be given to candidates from developping countries.

Additional benefits:

The IAG will encourage organizers of meetings to waive registration fees for all IAG Travel award winners.