European Gravimetric (Quasi)Geoid 1997 Available on CD.RM

Tne European Gravimetric (Quasi)Geoid 1997 (EGG97) is now available on CD-ROM as an IfE/IAG product (IfE: Institut fr Erdmessung, University of Hannover; IAG: International Association of Gcodesy). lt is based on the global model EGM96, and provides a gridded geoid and quasigeoid solution with 1' x 1.5' and 10' x 15' spatial resolution.

The EGG97 CD-ROM is available

for scientific users, related to IAG, on a cost recovery basis of US $250

and for commercial users for a price of US $ 1500. The extra provenue is intended to support young scientists from the data contributing countrics for attending meetings organized or sponsored by IAG, within the frame of the IAG Fund, as well as to partly cover the maintenance costs of EGG97

For orders contact:

IAG Central Bureau, University of Copenhagen, Department of Geophysics, Juliane Maries Vej 30,

DK 2100 Copenhagen Oe, Denmark

Payment must be made prior to shipment of the CD-ROM. Payment can be made as follows:

Check. Please make check payable to:

International Association of Geodesy

Juliane Maries Vej 30

2100 Copenhagen Oe, Denmark

Creditcard: Please draw thc arnount of US s On my credit card account:

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Bank: Den Danske Bank

Borups Havc 117

2000 Frederiksberg, Denmaxk

Account name; Int, Association of Geodesy, C.C, Tscheruixig

Account number: 3785 070518