Best Paper Award

International Association of Geodesy

IAG Best Paper Award for young Scientists


To draw attention to important contributions by yound scientists in the Journal of Geodesy and to foster excellence in scientific writing.


The applicant must be 35 years of age or younger when submitting the paper for the competition. The paper must present his or her own research, and must have been published in the Journal of Geodesy in the previous calendar year. Although multiple author papers will be considered, single author papers will be given more weight in the selection process.


The award will consist of a certificate and a checque of US $ 1000. It will be given annually.


All candidates proposed by at least three IAG Fellows or Associates will be considered for the competition.

Selection Procedure and criteria:

The selection will be made by the voting members of the Executive Committee. It will be based on the importance of the scientific contribution, which may be either theoretical or practical, and on the quality of the presentation. The name of the award winner and a short bibliography will be published in the issue of the Journal of Geodesy following the decision.

Nominations for the award:

Nominations for the award for last year should be send to the president of IAG, Professor K.P.Schwarz, (e-mail ) before March 1 of this year.
As can be derived for the above, the nomination must contain:
Name, adress, Age of author(s), when submitting the paper
Title of paper on which the nomination is based.
Names and adresses of the fellows or associates submitting the nomination.

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