IAG on the Internet (http://www.gfy.ku.dk/~iag)


By Ole B. Andersen, IAG information editor



During the last four years the IAG central bureau has maintained a home page on the Internet as an open and up-to-date information medium.

On these internet pages it is possible to access information for general use relevant to the IAG community.

At the IAG internet pages you will also find the most recent version of documents in the Geodesists Handbook.

You will find the IAG at the following Internet address


Among the major topics that is presently available on the IAG home page is:


Structure and General information

Structure of IAG for 1999-2003

Structure of IUGG for 1999-2003

IAG addresses

IAG email list

Report of IAG meetings

IAG awards and funds

Young Authors Award information

Guy Bomford price, Levallois medal

IAG fund

IAG Travel award


Meeting calendar

Meeting announcements

School and Training courses

IAG sponsored school

Other schools relevant to geodesy

IAG publications

Geodesists Handbook

IAG newsletter

IAG Travaux

Links to Journal of Geodesy

Bibliographic services

IfaG Bibliographic services

IAG Fast bibliography

Other bibliographic services.

Geoscience WWW links

Links to IUGG

Links to geoscience organisations

Other information

Non-commercial geodetic products

Books etc.

Please note that this list is far from complete and the Internet pages are regularly updated and revised.