Meeting Summaries

The summaries of the meetings of the IAG Executive Committee and the IAG Council are to inform the geodetic community on the principal discussion and decisions.


Executive Committee 2015-2019

Summary 1st EC 2015-2019 Meeting (Prague, July 2, 2015).pdf

Summary 2nd EC 2015-2019 Meeting (San Francisco, December 12, 2015).pdf

Summary 3rd EC 2015-2019 Meeting (Potsdam, April 25, 2016).pdf


Executive Committee 2011-2015

Summary 1st EC 2011-2015 Meeting (Melbourne, July 7, 2011).pdf

Summary 2nd EC 2011-2015 Meeting (San Francisco, Dec. 5, 2011).pdf

Summary 3rd EC 2011-2015 Meeting (Singapore, Aug. 15, 2012).pdf

Summary 4th EC 2011-2015 Meeting (Vienna, April 7, 2013).pdf

Summary 5th EC 2011-2015 Meeting (Potsdam, September 3, 2013).pdf

Summary 6th EC 2011-2015 Meeting (Vienna, April 26, 2014).pdf

Summary 7th EC 2011-2015 Meeting (San Francisco, December 15, 2014).pdf

Summary 8th EC 2011-2015 Meeting (Prague, June 23, 26, 29, 2015).pdf


Council 2011-2015

Minutes IAG Council Sessions, Melbourne 2011.pdf

Minutes IAG Council Meeting, Potsdam 2013.pdf

Minutes IAG Council Meeting, Prague 2015.pdf


Scientific Assembly 2013

Final Report


Executive Committee 2007-2011

Summary 1st IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (Perugia, July 10, 2007).pdf

Summary 2nd IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (San Francisco, Dec. 8, 2007).pdf

Summary 3rd IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (Vienna, Apr. 19, 2008).pdf

Summary 4th IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (San Francisco, Dec. 14, 2008).pdf

Summary 5th IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (Buenos Aires, Aug. 30, 2009).pdf

Summary 6th IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (Vienna, May 2, 2010).pdf

Summary 7th IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (San Francisco, Dec. 12, 2010).pdf

Summary 8th IAG EC 2007-2011 Meeting (Melbourne, June 28, 2011).pdf